Diagnostic kits

Infectious diseases such as: HCV,CMV,HIV,TOXO, RUBELLA,HSV,HPV,STI,...


Supplies required equipment in medical and research laboratories from reputed international and Iranian Companies.


Providing all necessary chemicals and plastics plus research required kits in genetics.

RoyaBioGene Company

RoyaBioGene is an international lifescience company based in Iran to supply the required kits, reagents, instruments and research facilities for medical and molecular genetics, cytology and biotechnology laboratories

To improve the services, RoyaBioGene has established an office in Germany lately and collaborate closely with world leader’s life science companies as an exclusive representative in this region. 

Diagnostic kits

Diagnostic kits for genetic disorders, such as: y-chromoseme ,cysticfibiosi,fragile x syndreme,thrombosis panel,hemochromatosis,...


Laboratory benching،Equipping Laboratory،NGS Services،Getting order to design the primer for DNA sequencing and result analysis،Transfer of Technology (TOT)