Test for the genotyping of polymorphisms associated withlactase persistence.

LactoStrip is a test designed for the detection of two MCM6 gene polymorphisms associated with the persistence of lactase activity in adults: C/T 13910 and G/A 22018.

The frequency of the lactase activity persistence is high in northern Europe populations (>90 % in Swedes and Danes), decreases as we go down towards southern Europe and Middle East (approximately 50 % in France, Spain and certain Arab populations) and is very low in Asiatic and African populations not devoted to pasturage (approximately 1% in China, 5-20 % in Eastern Africa).


Lactose intolerance presents with diverse symptoms, from the most typical (abdominal pain and distension, flatulence, diarrhea) to many others as nausea, vomiting, headache, poor concentration, severe tiredness, muscular and joint pain, etc.


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